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The Transforming Dog Mat

The Transforming Kennel Mat™️ 

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The Transforming Dog Mat

Transforming Kennel Mat™️ 

364 Reviews

364 Reviews

"This Kennel Mat is perfect for dogs who get nervous in crates... A must need for crate training" 

- Kate C.

  • Transforms for the best sleeping position

  • Folds to fit any sized cage

  • Supports your dog's head & neck 

  • Prevents joint pain in large dogs


  • Reduces Cage Anxiety

Gives a soft sense of security for dogs that get anxious in their kennels

  • Neck Pain Relief

Takes the weight off the neck and prevents sleeping against the crate walls

  • Perfect Sleeping Temperature

Insulates the bottom of the crate to prevent “cold belly” sleep

  • Pain Protection

Prevents dogs from getting scratched or hurt from the sides of their crate

  • Traveling Lifesaver

Love to travel? Well, now it's easy! You can easily fold your Kennel Mat and use it as a backseat cover & cushion. Anxious, fluffy travelers will thank you for it!

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Sizing Chart

Kennel Mat Measurements

  • Large (Flat) - 43" by 34" (109 cm x 86 cm) 

  • Large (Prop-pillow) - 25.5" by 21" (64 cm x 53 cm) 

  • X-Large (Flat) - 55" by 37.5" (140 cm x 95 cm) 

  • X-Large (Prop-pillow) - 35" by 23" (89 cm x 58 cm) 


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Use code "Pup50"  at checkout 

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Use code "Pup50"  at checkout 

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Why Dogs Are BeggingTo Sleep In Their Kennels

Why Dogs Are BeggingTo Sleep In Their Kennels

Our Kennel Mat will keep your pup off the couch and sleeping in their crate! This cushion turns anxious, shaky dogs into happy & content sleepers

Sleeping over 10 hours a day, pups need the best sleep possible... So why not give it to them?

Guaranteed Happiness or Your Money Back!

Reduces Anxiety

Promotes Deep Sleep

Did you know arthritis starts creeping in on 50% of Dogs by the age of 2?

This mat transforms to give your pup a supportive head and foot rest. Don’t let your dog rest their joints on hard plastic floors… Give them the support they deserve!

Travel Friendly,

Life Easing Cushion

The problem with normal dog beds is that they’re too stiff. Lugging a huge rectangle around doesn’t make much sense… Right?

This foldable, transforming cushion is the perfect happy-medium. It easily folds to fit any cage, protects your pup from any sharp edges, and helps feisty pups calm down within 1 minute


Our mats were made to give your pup the best sleep possible. Whether they sleep on their sides, belly, or curled in a ball, this cushion is the ultimate kennel-friendly dog mat.

What Pup Parents Have To Say! 

" My dog always used to give me 'puppy dog eyes' whenever he had to go into his cage. It was pretty hard to get him to sleep in it without having to be near him. Once we bought him the Transforming Cushion, he's had 0 problems sleeping. He just walks right in, circles around, and slumps on his pillow! "

Jason & Oscar

" I travel back in forth between my apartment and my hometown, and I always bring my dog Brutus. Traveling in a cage makes him really anxious and he never used to sleep on the long car trip home. After buying this cushion, he sleeps as hard as a rock within 10 minutes of getting on the highway. "

Kate & Brutus

" My little angel is an absolute terror when it comes to sleeping in his cage at night. He always scratches at the sides and tries to bite his way out... Once we bought him his very own Transforming Cushion, he's turned a new leaf! Pretty sure he was just super anxious before, but whatever the reason, thanks Fetch Forever!"

Lindsey & Timmy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I throw my cushion in the washer and dryer?

Yes it can! We recommend washing with cold water and putting the cushion in the dryer for 2 cycles.

What is the cushion made of?

Our cushions are filled with a 100% cotton blend on the inside while the outside is made from high quality stitched Suede.

Can these cushions only be used for Dog Crates?

Absolutely not! The Transforming Kennel Mat may have "kennel" in the name, but this cushion is perfect for throwing over couches or other furniture. 

How long does shipping take? Do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is 100% free (we've got you covered) ! We offer 3-5 day USPS shipping. You'll receive an email confirmation with tracking information within 48 hours of your purchase.

Why People Choose Us?

Fits Any Kennel

Travel Lifesaver

Prevents Arthritis

Perfect Sleeping Temperature 

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