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Separation Anxiety In Dogs | Top 10 Anxious Breeds

Here are the types of dogs who lean towards the anxious side & A simple solution to relieve their anxiety

April 1, 2023 By Jojo L. | Sponsored by Fetch Forever

Learn how these 10 different dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety in different ways. Discover how The Reversible Bed by Fetch Forever has helped anxious dogs say goodbye to anxiety forever.

If you ask any dog owner why they love their pup, most will say one thing: Dogs help us through stressful times.

Whether it’s a breakup, staying up all night with a fever, or just one of those lonely Sunday evenings, our dogs help with our anxiety.

But what about when your dog gets anxious? 

Over 50% of all dogs experience some form of separation anxiety throughout their lives. Separation anxiety can lead to destructive tendencies in young pups and mental stress in older dogs.

We’ve gone ahead and gathered the top 10 dog breeds that experience separation anxiety. If you have a dog that is on the following list, you may need to keep a closer eye on them…

Let’s get into it!

The Top 10 Dog Breed For Separation Anxiety


This is when your dog is extremely attached to a specific person or object. They may show this form of anxiety through aggressive behavior, cowering in corners, or panting excessively when this person or object is not around.

#1: Labrador Retrievers

One of the best breeds for families, Labrador Retrievers love their owners more than anything in the world. Because they are a family-first kind of dog, they are prone to feel isolated when alone.

#2: German Shepherds

Even the toughest K9 unit German Shepherds feel lonely! These types of dogs are the epitome of “mans best friend”, and are likely to overheat & pant when nervous.

#3: Cocker spaniels

Cocker Spaniels – believe it or not – are a territorial breed. They are the sweetest dogs, but may snip at strangers or howl at unfamiliar bystanders. Cockers are known to scratch at the door and howl when their owners leave for too long.

#4: basset hounds

With droopy faces and long ears, Basset Hounds are a little slower paced than most. These dogs will howl all day long if they miss their owner.

#5: Jack russel terriers

Jack Russel Terriers are small pups that have a huge tank of energy. Because of their small size, they look to feel safe & secure by clinging to their owners or “safe-spaces”.

#6: border collies

Very similar to many Shepherd breeds, Border Collies are extremely energetic. This means they tend to have restless energy that persists all through the night. Best solution – Play, play, play!

#7: australian Shepherds

Known as the “age old cattle dogs”, Australian Shepherds have more energy than almost all other dog breeds. They tend to develop separation anxiety if they live in smaller homes with less space to move around in.

#8: brichon Frises

These curious, peppy-furballs love to find wherever trouble is. Brichon Frise dogs tend to get nervous in crowds, around strangers, and yip at anyone walking by. 

#9: toy poodles

These miniature versions of the regal Poodle tend to show their anxiety through nervous shaking or never ending panting. The best way to comfort Toy Poodles is to make sure their sleeping area becomes a safe space.

#10: cavalier King Charles

Last but not least, the Cavalier King Charles breed of dogs is similar to Cocker Spaniels: They’ll let you know if they're anxious through scratching, howling, or even growling.

The #1 Way To Help Your Anxious Dog Feel Calmer Today

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