The Reversible Bed™️ 

Over 10,000+ Happy Pups

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The Reversible Dog Bed™️

The Reversible Dog Bed™️  

Over 10,000+ Happy Pups ❤️ Say Goodbye To Cheap Dog Beds


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Our Reversible Dog Bed was engineered as the world's first dog bed with a reversible cover. It's perfect for just about any size dog. No sizing requirements needed here.

The protective side is 100% puncture-proof, water-resistant and cooling, while the other side is a super comfy, anxiety-reducing faux fur.

This washable dog bed is the only bed on the market with human-grade cushioning. 100% machine washable, this bed prevents smelly odors and bacteria build up. The Reversible Bed is a 2-piece, donut shaped dog bed with a machine washable cover.

The cover transforms from a soft faux fur to puncture proof nylon in seconds. Watch your pup sink into the human grade foam and enjoy the best nap of their life.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Relieves anxiety & anxious energy in restless pups

  • Supports joints & reduces pain in large dogs

  • Prevents chewers from destroying their beds

  • Keeps dogs clean & healthy with washable covers

Sizing Chart

We've created a  one-size fits all dog bed.

Large dogs enjoy the supportive, raised edges. Small dogs appreciate the stretching room. 

Perfect for any dog under 100 lbs.


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How It Works?

Watch the video below to see it in action!

The Last Bed You'll Ever 

Need To Buy

Dog beds haven't changed in over 100 years. They're basically glorified pillows.... Flimsy, half-stuffed hacky sacks that cost pennies to make.

Does that sound fair to your pup? Nope, not at all! 

That's why we created the Reversible Bed. The world's first dog bed with a reversible, machine washable cover – 

Each cushion is hand stuffed with human-level mattress cushioning (we're talking the expensive foam & cotton kind).

Why Pup Parents 

Love This Bed

Why Pup Parents Love This Bed

Relieves Anxiety

Even dogs with restless energy can't help but sack out in seconds. Perfect for energetic breeds.

Supports Joints

The donut shape cushion gives pups a raised edge to prop their head on. Plus, the cotton-foam stuffing is comfier than your own mattress.

Keeps Pups (And Homes) Clean

Stinky homes aren't happy homes. The removable cushion slides off like a pillow case – And washes like one too. No more smelly odors!

Regulates Temperature

Keep your furry friend comfortable, year round. Faux fur for cold Winters, Cooling nylon for Summer heatwaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the size chart / What sizes do you offer?

As of now, we are only selling 1 size. The Reversible Bed fits all sizes of dogs up to 80 lbs! So if you have a small Spaniel pup or large Labrador, this bed will work for you. 

Is the center cushion (the part that the pet lies on) heavily padded or not?

The middle cushion is stuffed with human-grade cotton, giving them support while adapting to their sleeping position. Our beds are 25% more supportive than normal "dog donut beds".

Does this bed have fire retardant on the fabric?

No, there is no asbestos in our beds. We only use materials that will make dogs feel comfy & cozy.

Does this have a removable cover for washing?

Yes! Our bed has a removable cover that lets you wash the cover whenever it gets dirty or stinky. It is 100% machine washer safe (we recommend washing in cold water).

Can this bed be used inside, outside, or both?

The answer is Both! Because we use premium ripstop nylon, the protective side of the bed can withstand the harsh elements. In the backyard or out camping... This bed can do it all!

Is this a good Summer bed?

Of course it is! The protective side of the reversible cover is breathable and traps in air (cooling down your pup in the process).

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