Why Fetch was created

Dogs Are The Only Friends You Need…

And that’s something all pup parents can agree with. There are too many people out there who cut corners, creating products that don’t truly help dogs. That’s why we decided to show everyone how dogs SHOULD be treated.

Handcrafted to last a lifetime

Designing The Reversible Bed For You AND Your Pal

Our Reversible Dog bed contains human-grade sleep cushioning… Literally best in the business. We believe that your dog deserves a better bed than you have. And, every feature of this bed was thoughtfully included to save you money in the long term.

How Normal Dog Beds Can Get Your Pup Sick

Keeping Your Dog Healthy Is The Priority

We’re trying to shine light on why normal dog beds are terrible for your dog. Without a removable & machine-washable cover, bacteria lingers under the surface. This causes ear infections, skin rashes, and even nasal congestion…

Basically, normal beds are yucky and ours was created to keep your pooch healthy!

~ Earl from Fetch