The Transforming Kennel Mat

Anxiety reducing • Couch Cushion Topper

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Transforming Dog Mat
Dog Mat
Transforming Dog Mat
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Transforming Dog Mat

The Transforming Dog Mat

Anxiety reducing • Couch Cushion Topper


Looking for the perfect travel bed OR a comfy mat for your anxious pup? This kennel mat can switch from a flat mat to a lightweight bed with a prop pillow for their head. 

  • Reduces anxiety in scared pups
  • Helps with crate training or kennel training

  • Transforms from dog bed to flat-mat in seconds



  • Reduces Cage Anxiety

Gives a soft sense of security for dogs that get anxious in their kennels

  • Neck Pain Relief

Takes the weight off the neck and prevents sleeping against the crate walls

  • Perfect Sleeping Temperature

Insulates the bottom of the crate to prevent “cold belly” sleep

  • Pain Protection

Prevents dogs from getting scratched or hurt from the sides of their crate

  • Traveling Lifesaver

Love to travel? Well, now it's easy! You can easily fold your Kennel Mat and use it as a backseat cover & cushion. Anxious, fluffy travelers will thank you for it!

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Sizing Chart

Kennel Mat Measurements

  • Large (Flat) - 43" by 34" (109 cm x 86 cm) 

  • Large (Prop-pillow) - 25.5" by 21" (64 cm x 53 cm) 

  • X-Large (Flat) - 55" by 37.5" (140 cm x 95 cm) 

  • X-Large (Prop-pillow) - 35" by 23" (89 cm x 58 cm) 

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Over 5,000+ Happy Customers

3 Reasons Pup Parents Love This Cushion ...

Fits Any Crate & Kennel

Reduces crate anxiety for dogs

Travel Lifesaver

Lightweight, foldable cushion

Helps Prevent Arthritis

Lightweight & Portable

Built-in prop pillow for heavy heads

#1 Best-Rated Dog Cushion

Why Dogs Are BeggingTo Sleep In Their Kennels

The Transforming Kennel Mat will keep your pup off the couch and sleeping in their crate! This cushion turns anxious, shaky dogs into happy & content sleepers

Use this lightweight bed as a couch topper OR backseat cushion for rides around town... Your pup will thank you!

Guaranteed Happiness or Your Money Back

Happy And Healthy Pups

Reduces Anxiety& Promotes Deep Sleep

Did you know arthritis starts creeping in on 50% of Dogs by the age of 2?

This mat transforms to give your pup a supportive head and foot rest. Don’t let your dog rest their joints on hard plastic floors… Give them the support they deserve!

Made for easy on-the-go

Travel FriendlyHassle-Free Cushion

This foldable, transforming cushion is the perfect happy-medium. It easily folds to fit any cage, protects your pup from any sharp edges, and helps feisty pups calm down within 1 minute.

Here are a few places you can use this dog mat:

  • Car Backseat
  • Living Room
  • Backyard Patio
  • Bedroom
  • Training Crate
  • Car Trunk
  • Car Backseat
  • Living Room
  • Backyard Patio
  • Bedroom
  • Training Crate
  • Car Trunk

(Basically, it fits & folds anywhere you go!)

From Mat to Bed in Seconds...

Our mats were made to give your pup the best sleep possible. Whether they sleep on their sides, belly, or curled in a ball, this cushion is the ultimate kennel-friendly dog mat.

  • Find & Clip The Foot Pillow
  • Fold In The Head Pillow
  • Clip Behind The Pillow

See what our customers are saying...

See What Our Happy Customers Are Saying!


1. How does this dog mat transform?

The Transforming Kennel Mat is designed to go from a flat mat form to a dog bed in seconds... All you have to do is fold in the foot & head prop pillows and clip the cushions together. 

2. What kinds of dogs need this kind of mat?

This mat is designed for 3 main kinds of dogs... Anxious dogs, Crate training pups, or on-the-go adventure dogs.

The Transforming Kennel mat is a lightweight, foldable cushion that folds to fit virtually anywhere. It's the ultimate on-the-go dog cushion!

3. What happens if I realize I don't want this after I order?

No problem – We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our orders. Email us and we'll make it right!

4. What are normal shipping times?

Shipping takes 7-14 days depending on where you live in the USA. 

Still have a question? Email us at & we'll get back to you in under 48 hours!

Every dog mat comes with a no questions warranty. Dogs deserve the best and so do you... Get an instant replacement if anything ever goes South.